What’s on tap

Brew’s that are currently on tap in the keezer (updated 9-27-2011):

1. Coke Zero (always on tap so we don’t have to buy soda anymore!)

2. ESB –  except I can’t drink it since I’m donating it to the Charlotte Oktoberfest.

3. Centennial Blonde – kegged but not ready to drink yet.


Waiting on Irish Stout and Imperial IPA to be ready to keg.

Kegged but not tapped:


Black and Blue Melamel (Mead) 15% ABV- My first mead brewed back in January is aging out nicely. It’s made with clover honey mixed with water and 3 gal of a mix of fruit juices. Needs more aging, but is tasting good after 7 months. A melamel is a mead (honey wine) with fruit added.

My first Melomel (Mead)

Braggot – 12%ABV – My first braggot. This is about 5 months old and improving with age.

Braggot (a beer fermented with a large amount of honey added)

Primary/Secondary Fermentation or aging in bottles:

2 Gal Test batch of hard lemonade – mixed up 2 gal of Lemonade from concentrate, added 2lb of corn sugar and am fermenting it with D-47 wine yeast.

Red, White and Black Melomel (Mead) – featuring 10 lbs clover honey, 3lbs raw honey and a mix of blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and white grape juice concentrate. Fermentation started on 8-27-2011

Russian Imperial Stout ( RIS was bottled on 7-31-11)

Maple Bourbon Imperial Stout (10% ABV) aging in a glass carboy

Peach Melomel (Mead) clearing and aging a glass secondary. Used 13 lb clover honey and 12 lbs of fresh peaches for this one. (bottled on 9-17)

Peach Melomel (Mead)

On Deck to be brewed:

Larry’s Pride Special Bitter (Fuller London Pride clone)

English Brown Porter (Fuller London Porter clone)

Half Hearted Ale (Bells Two Hearted clone)


3 third place ribbons won at 2 home brew competitions.

  1. Mmmm, beer.

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