Hop Garden

Here are some pics of my hop garden 2011. These are all first year plants. I have 1 Cascades, 1 Magnum and 2 Centennial (Centennials were planted late) in my vegie garden. Then I have a Santiam and a Willamette growing up onto the pergola over our back patio.

Cascade cones

Cascades plant

Magnum plant

Cascades and Magnum



Baby Centennials before they went in the garden

A total of 13+ oz wet of Cascades off 1st year plant!

Partial Cascade harvest (3.3 oz wet) - about 3 times more still left on the plant

9.5 oz wet Cascades



  1. Great idea. I am trying this next spring. Where did you get your rhizomes?

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