Daily Archives: September 2, 2011

Yeast Slants pt 4

Here’s a final follow up for my yeast slant experiment – the WLP001 yeast slant that I stepped up and pitched into my batch of Jade IPA worked great. The OG of the beer was 1.068 and it fermented down to 1.012 in about 5 days, which equals ~ 81% attenuation and matched my target FG for the beer. The IPA was mashed at 148 making it very fermentable which is why I had 81% attenuation. It was fermented at 64 degrees, and brought up to 70 at the end of fermentation.

The taste of the IPA is fantastic, and has the clean taste I’d expect from WLP001 Cali Ale yeast. I washed the yeast from this batch and plan to use it 1 more time in a Imperial IPA I’m brewing on Labor Day. My next slant step up test will be with WLP002, English Ale yeast. This will be used in an English ESB for a batch of beer that I am donating to the Carolina Brewmasters and will be served at the Charlotte Oktoberfest to the people enjoying all the great beers at the festival.

Jade IPA