What’s brewing in July?

Since the weather is ridiculously hot in July and August, there’s not too much going on in the brew shed.  I currently have a Russian Imperial Stout in one of my primary fermenters that will be transferred to glass carboy in a couple weeks for extended aging. I also have a peach mead in my fermenting bucket in the fermentation fridge. It has been fermenting for about 4 days and has already dropped to around 1.030 after starting at 1.100 (this is a measurement of the sugars that have been fermented by the yeast. As the yeast consume sugar and release alcohol, the gravity reading will drop). This will also need extended aging in a glass carboy.

Meads seem to be the way to go in the hot months, as there is no boiling wort and sweating out in the shed – everything can be done indoors in the cool air-conditioning.

With the downtime in the brewery I’ve been able to re-build my mash tun manifold to hopefully improve my efficiency with fly sparging (a method of extracting the sugars from the barley grains). The new manifold will hopefully allow the sugary wort to flow out of the mash tun from a larger area around the base of the mash tun, resulting in a high percentage of sugar extraction from the grain. This is how efficiency is measured when brewing beer.



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